What’s the Issue? Gated Residential Community Problems to Look Out For

There are a lot that goes into the maintenance and development of a gated residential. To some, it may be a picture of safety and security; to others, however, the iron bars, the gates, and the prowling security guards may paint a picture of something going terribly wrong within the walls.

Everything has cons. We take a look at gated residential communities and break down what makes it so wrong to live in one.

Blatant Excess

To live in a gated community is like to live in a posh, luxury resort. There are mid-level communities, yes, but the walls promote a certain level of exclusivity. The prices can also rise up with the snap of a finger—you might actually pay more than you would do if you decided to live outside of the walls.

Secret Crimes

The last thing people would expect to happen within gated communities is heinous crimes. Living in a gated community might actually be dangerous; when crime strikes here, you never know if it’s going to be covered up or not. You might actually feel trapped by being in gated communities if crime does occur.

Paranoia Festering

Gated communities are actually pillboxes waiting to blow, so they say. The problem with living inside a protective wall is you become ignorant of the world around you. Ignorance may be bliss, but if you continue to live in bliss, you might actually become indifferent about societal problems happening around you.

The Long Wait

You might have made it to the big time, but what about the rest of the family? When you live in a gated residential, even family and friends have to be questioned. It’s easy to let the power go into your head and refuse to see them if ever they get hung up before they enter.

There are many benefits to be gotten from gated residential communities. However, there are problems too. Make sure that the reason you want to live in a gated community is for the good and not for the bad.